About Us

Welcome to SmilingFinance!

We at SmilingFinance are all about helping you to earn a passive income, learn everything about investing or grow and monetize your Instagram page. Whichever of these may be your goal, we are here to help you!

On our website, we regularly post about these topics as you may have seen already. Besides posting on our website we also are very active on Instagram! We post daily about business ideas, tips, and tricks on our Instagram page @thebusinessbullet.

With all these tips we are offering you for free, we can also want to help you specific and focus on your specific goal. In the near future, we aim to provide personal coaching material for as low as possible cost. Also in the near future, we are aiming to publish our upcoming Instagram from 0-100 ebook!


SmilingFinance has been founded in July 2020 and since then we have published many articles. At the moment most of them are about affiliate marketing and e-commerce. But since we wanted to provide even more valuable content to even more people, we decided to expand our activity field and get active on social media. We are now daily active on Instagram on our @thebusinessbullet Instagram page.

our goals

We will keep it as short and simple as possible. We want to provide free and low-cost, valuable content for anyone who is ready to grow their business, start investing, or want to grow their Instagram page and monetizing it. So in short: we want you to earn the income you want!


We are always open to any ideas from anyone! So please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about the website via the contact page on our website or directly via info@smilingfinance.com. We really appreciate it!

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