10 Ways How a Website Makes Money

Making money with your website is not a secret for many people. It is a proven way to earn some money online, but you might be asking, how? In this article, I will tell you about 10 ways how a website makes money.

Blogging might seen something one will do because they like writing or like the topic they are writing about. Blogging can be way more than just a hobby. It can generate a full income from home or everywhere. In the last couple of years, creating an online income has become way more popular.

It isn’t just all about getting money. A website has to pay for their ‘space’ on the internet, called the hosting. Hosting can cost a couple of dollars a month or even more (depending on performance and hosting company.)

10 Ways How a Website Makes Money

In the intro of this article, I already told you about two ways of making money with your website. Let’s begin with those two.

#1: Affiliate Marketing

For some people, this didn’t come as a surprise. In the last couple of years, affiliate marketing exploded on the internet. It has become such a popular way for websites or bloggers to make some revenue from their website.

Affiliate Marketing is a process by which an Affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products as stated by www.bigcommerce.com. This means that you promote other people’s items on your website to earn a small percentage of that sale. If you want to read what affiliate marketing exactly is you can read my full article on what it is here.

#2: Advertisements

The second thing I mentioned, in the beginning, was ads. This stands for advertisements. Advertisements can be found on many sites on the internet and will most of the time pay the website owner per click. Some of the most popular ad companies are Google AdSense and Adthrive.

The only thing you have to do is signup for their advertisement program. They u will provide you a line of code that you can past in the HTML of your website. Once a person on your website clicks on one of the ads, the ad company will pay you a small amount of money depending on the niche and other different factors. This can vary from as little as $0.50 to $5 per click.

Apply for AdSense

Apply for Adthrive

#3 Sell your products or services

Some people build a website to sell their products to their customers. When they do, most of the time this is their only income stream from that particular website.

So if you have a product or something like an ebook that you created. You can sell that product on your website to make some revenue from it.

#4 Donations from visitors

Many websites offer free information or services you can use. In return they something ask you for a small donation you can give them. This often is just a dollar or two, but if you have thousands of donations this number will increase.

#5 Sell your website

When you have worked for quite a time on a well-established website. Some companies can offer you money to take over your website. Depending on the quality of your websites this can vary a lot. The only downside to this method is that it requires a lot of work forehand and you will only get an onetime payment from the company you sell your website to.

#6 Creating a Teaching environment

You could also earn money by creating a website on which people can buy a monthly or one-time membership for learning resources. For example: ‘How to draw on an iPad?’, ‘How to learn to program’. This can almost be anything that gives value to people and what people want to learn. You can do this for example on udemy

#7 Host Webinars

Speaking of learning resources. Another great method to earn some money with your website is to host regular paid webinars. In that webinar, you can give people for example advice on various topics

#8 Create a Job board

You can sell space on your website to put a so-called job board. On a job board, you put a small advertisement for an available job which a company wants you to promote on your website.

This method is kind of the same as putting advertisements on your website, but there are a couple of differences. This method could work better specifically on websites that are related to finding a job niche. Another difference is that this can be put on your website as an extra to advertisements.

#9 Product reviews

Product reviews are also a great method to make money with your website. You buy or get the product from a seller. Most of the time you will get the product for free and even get a little money for the review you are putting on your website. After using the product for a while, you need to write your honest opinion about the product.

#10 Publish sponsored posts

You can write about a topic and get paid by a company or someone else for doing so! Most of the time when writing sponsored posts, you have to recommend the company you are writing about in some kind of way. A pro about this method is that you don’t have to worry about how much traffic you will get.

The easiest methods

All of these 10 methods aren’t get rich in a day solutions. But some are for most people easier than the other methods. The ones that I think are easier to get into are:

affiliate marketing

This is one of the most popular methods that blogs and websites use to earn some money with their website. And for a good reason! Affiliate Marketing is fairly easy to get into. You can sign-up for free affiliate programs such as ClickBank. There are no specific requirements if you’d like to sign-up. This is why I recommend this to people who are new to blogging and want to earn some money from it.

host webinars

You can host a webinar about almost anything. Although I do recommend talking about something you have some knowledge of because you want to give people value.

The hardest methods

There are also a couple of methods that are in my opinion, not the best ones you can start with.

publish sponsored post

To publish a sponsored post you need someone who wants you to write content and pays you for it. Someone who wants to get this done only wants to invest in blogs that have traffic so the company or person paying you can profit from your traffic. This is why I don’t recommend this to beginners.

Sell your website

If you want to sell your website you have to find a company or person who is interest to acquire it from you. Most of the time people want to buy a website which is already established and can get them some profit too. Again, if you just started your site won’t meet the quality standards you need to sell your website. But don’t worry. This might happen at a later time. Just keep on posting and making your website better!

Final Conclusion

Now you know about the different methods to generate money from your website you can start as early as today. You can choose to stick to just one of the methods above or you can choose to get into a couple of them which is possible. As you read above some of them are a bit harder to get into. I hope this article gave you a good insight into the different ways a website makes money.

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