How Does Affiliate Marketing Work: Everything As Quickly As Possible

How does affiliate marketing work? Does making money while you sleep sound unreal and is it just a big dream? Well, it isn’t! There are many ways on the internet to achieve passive income online and make money while you sleep. One of the many ways to make passive income is Affiliate Marketing. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that everyone can start even Today! In this guide, I am going to tell you how does Affiliate Marketing work as quickly as possible in a detailed way.

What is affiliate marketing

Before I can tell you how it works, you need a basic understanding of what the term Affiliate Marketing means and what it is.

Affiliate Marketing is a process by which an Affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products as stated by This can be anything. You, the so-called ‘Affiliate’ is going to be responsible to drive the traffic to the website you are promoting. This method is very valuable to both you and the seller who sells the product.

The Affiliate makes, for example, blog posts, video’s or any content about the product and includes an Affiliate link in the content which people can visit.

When someone clicks on the Affiliate link, there will be placed a cookie on the browser of the person surfing the web. This cookie allows the website to track which Affiliate has driven this specific customer to their site. Once the purchase is made, the Affiliate who leads the person to this website will receive a percentage of the purchase made. This percentage can depend on what product it is, if it is a subscription, and how much the product costs.

how affiliate marketing works

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Now I am going to tell you about how does Affiliate Marketing work.

There are three different types of people responsible for Affiliate Marketing to succeed.

  1. The Affiliate
  2. The Publisher
  3. The Customer

These people are all necessary for success in Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate, the one who promotes the products via a blog, videos, etc. Is responsible for the traffic (the customers) to get more informed about a product at a level where they are interested to buy the product from the publisher.

  1. The Affiliate

As said the Affiliate is the one who is going to promote to products that different publishers are wanting to be sold. This can be a wide variety of products. Whether it is an online item or a physical item. The Affiliate will get paid for the sales that are made via a lead from their source. Affiliates don’t get paid when a customer just clicks on a link. That is not how Affiliate Marketing works most of the time. The Affiliate gets paid when the transaction is made.

2. The publisher

The second type of people involved in the process of Affiliate Marketing is the publisher. The publisher is where it all starts. A Publisher is a person who has a product or service, that has to be promoted. The publisher puts this product on (different) Affiliate Market Places, such as ClickBank. If you are interested in ClickBank and how to make money with it, feel free to read my blog post about ClickBank University here. The publisher will pay the Affiliate once the full process of purchase has been completed and the publisher sold the product.

3. The customer

The customer group is a very broad one. I can guarantee you that everyone is one. Everyone has bought something online once. There is a large possibility that you have come across and clicked on an affiliate link too. When you did, you paid for the product. The Affiliate got their percentage for leading you to the product. And the publisher got the money left.

Common Affiliate Marketing Sources

There isn’t just one way to do Affiliate Marketing but there are a dozen different ways and sources to use. The most popular sources for Affiliate Marketing are blogging, creating videos on youtube, being an influencer on social media, and creating email lists. These sources are all successful and can be used for Affiliate Marketing

There also are completely free services to get started with Affiliate Marketing. The best website is WealthyAffiliate. With WealthyAffiliate you can create a free website, get a free training on what Affiliate Marketing is, and how to use it. You also get access to a very big community blog where you can ask your questions and get help. I recommend this to anyone who wants to start completely free. You can check it out here

How To Get Started

If you want to get started, you should start today! Don’t wait anymore, because over time it will be harder to get into Affiliate Marketing because more competition is coming at a fast pace. As you have seen before my recommendation is to start with WealthyAffiliate. A free source where you get a blog and course for free.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to start with WealthyAffiliate, you can always start with another platform. These are the platforms to start with:


Blogging is still a very popular way to start with Affiliate Marketing. After being on WealthyAffiliate for a while I started blogging too. For blogging, you need to have your blog where you can post quality content. It is really important to put out high-quality content. You want to rank high in Google for popular keywords. To understand how to rank high in Google, you need to learn a bit about SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. There are many websites where you can find good information about SEO.


You can start to make youtube videos and put Affiliate links in the description of them. The downside to this method is that most of the time you need to buy the product to show it to your audience.

social media

Billions of people are daily on their smartphones scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feed. The advantage of using social media as your source to put out your affiliate links is that you get lots of potential traffic for free. And you can use all different types of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The potential audience is huge!

Social media is also a very good secondary source. For example, when you run a blog as a primary source, it is a very good idea to just open up some free accounts and promote the blog posts where you put your affiliate links in.


Now that the question ‘how does affiliate marketing work’ has been answered for you. I hope this article gave you a quick but detailed look at how affiliate marketing works. If you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing please leave a comment! Thank you for reading!

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