Why Affiliate Marketing Does not Work: The Ultimate Solution

Why Affiliate Marketing Does Not Work

If you keep on asking yourself one of these questions: ‘Why does Affiliate Marketing not work for me?’, ‘Why don’t I make sales with Affiliate Marketing?’ In this blog post, I am going to tell you why Affiliate Marketing does not work.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work

And for the people wondering if Affiliate Marketing is still working or worth it, to only answer I can give you is YES. It still does work. Affiliate Marketing is still working and people are making full-time incomes from it and have the freedom to do what they want and spend more time with their family. So if they can, anyone can.

But why are many people not able to succeed in Affiliate Marketing? I will tell you all about it in this blog post!

Reason #1: People lack patience

As simple as this might sound, this is probably a very huge problem for many people new to the Affiliate Marketing business model. There is no such thing as ‘Get Rich Quick’ without any prior work. And so is the case with Affiliate Marketing.

Most of the people who try Affiliate Marketing will stop if they don’t see any results in a couple of months. But please don’t. You need to take time to publish good quality content on your blog, social media page or whatever you are using for Affiliate Marketing. Once you have created high-quality content, you will get indexed higher and higher at many more keywords in google to get thousands of free visitors to your site.

To have a nice website that will attract people, you might be busy for 6 months before achieving this. And that is why most people don’t succeed because they already quit before those 6 months. And when finally established it will pay you off!

Many people are trying to convince you that Affiliate Marketing is a method to get rich quick. This is not true. It takes the most people a couple of months before seeing any (good) results.

Reason #2: People don’t even know what they are doing

You can’t start building a house without any knowledge about how to, can you? This applies to almost anything. As you had guessed, it applies to Affiliate Marketing. affiliatemarketertraining did some research about many courses available on WarriorForum.com. And as they stated most of these are crap. And I can completely agree! Most people are creating these courses to fill their wallets and don’t care about the Affiliate following the course. And this is sad. Most people follow these courses and get discouraged because, in the end, they don’t know things they need to know.

Reason #3: People invest in wrong learning material

I have been researching why people get the success they want with Affiliate Marketing. And when doing my research I came across this second reason here. People invest in the wrong learning material. Many ebooks created by people over the internet are created to fill their wallets.

To give you a recommendation about a high-quality course that is created for the new Affiliate and not for the Affiliate to fill wallets is the ClickBank University, created by ClickBank itself. This course is not made by an Affiliate, but by a company who wants you to get better at their platform, so both you and they can profit from it. If interested you can check it our here. If you want to check out our written overview of this course click over here.

Reason #4: People aren’t adding value with their blog

Many people tend to use outdated tricks to spam different blogs, videos, websites, etc. to gain backlinks to rank higher in Google. Once Google found out about these websites just being crap and not adding any value, they were being removed from search results and the people owning the blog or website had to start over again. So please don’t use any of these spamming methods and try to give real value to your readers and audience.

Reason #5: Too high-income expectations

You are thinking about becoming a millionaire in just one month with Affiliate Marketing? Stop right here and read the article all over again 🙂 But jokes aside. People think this is going to happen. And to be transparent: there is no chance this is ever going to happen in my opinion. You need to take the slow and steady way to work your way up to the top.

And think about it. Every website that now has thousands of visitors every day once started just like you. Thinking about what to write, how to get traffic, and how to optimize and create the west blog or website.

Reason #6: Not taking advantage of possibilities

Many people are not taking advantage of many of the great possibilities for traffic. One major thing people are missing is building an email list. An email list is a very strong formula to get traffic to your website over and over again. Not just once but many times more. People tend to not see the value in building such a list. And trust me there is real value in it.

If you have for example 1000 visitors a day. If only 1% was going to sign up for your email list, you would already have 10 people on it. And this will happen every single day if you are efficiently using this method. If you were doing this for 30 days you would already have 300 people on your list. To make a little deeper calculation, probably around 3% is going to open your email, so that would be around 9 people interested in the email. But don’t worry this number will increase month after month and it is just free traffic. So take advantage of it.

Reason #7: People don’t start with Affiliate Marketing

Another reason why you might fail in the Affiliate Marketing business model is that you haven’t even started yet. You are stuck on watching tutorials, youtube video’s and following bad courses. To escape from this hell, you have to start building your blog, youtube channel, or whatever seems the most interesting to you. If this applies to you I would suggest starting today. People are very likely to delay and won’t ever make it to the stage where they are going to start.

Reason #8: You choose a niche that doesn’t interest you

Having a passion for what you are writing about makes it a lot easier to come up with great ideas. If you have chosen a niche that is not interested in you, just go ahead and choose another one. Trust me it will make it a lot better. You will find it way easier to come up with valuable content.

To wrap thins up: I hoped this gave you some valuable tips about Affiliate Marketing. Thank you very much for reading. If any questions or notes please leave a comment below!

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